Design your own and combine learning spanish lenguaje with your interests, likes and hobbies. Immerse yourself in local life from first day, exchanges, visits people, companies, groups and make social life.

We offer

A different way to learn Spanish in Seville

With special training and activities where you can experience a way of learning the language in a fun way while you meet new people and care about your own preferences


We start every Wednesday with new groups, thus giving you the opportunity to find the best rates for flights. During Tuesday must be installed in the host family or apartment.

We have developed more than 100 week activities organized by us or through our partners.

The schedule consists of several possibilities:

-Physical activities: sports or water therapy (SPA)

-Workshops options: flamenco, painting, gastronomy ...

-Language exchange with local people

-Visits and trips

-Private tuition in the host family or apartment (two hours at day)

-Private Guide for your interests and Rp formal or informal learning

Our method

You may wonder what our method and results could give. We have our attention on people who do not want to spend a period learning Spanish in a classic way and therefore we thought of this formula. It consists of a formal and an informal learning and also incorporate a special Spanish for Dummies (do not be offended) because our mission is to have fun and communicate knowing that there are many people wanting to help you learn in an informal way.


Formato estándar todo incluido en el precio

Standard format all included in the price

Miercoles-Viernes y Lunes Taller “Learn Spanish in a Diferent Way” con una formadora cualificada *

Wednesday-Friday and Monday Workshop "Learn Spanish in a Diferent Way" with a qualified trainer

Boton   170 classes a week of different activities in spanish at the following times*

learn spanish activities

Además podrás disfrutar de las siguientes instalaciones incluidas en el precio *

Plus you'll enjoy the following facilities included in the price

Boton Sala de fitness de 1.500 m2 y completamente equipada con la maquinaria más moderna

Fitness of 1,500 m2 and fully equipped with modern machinery

Boton  Zona de Entrenamiento Personal

Personal Training Zone

Boton  Sala de ciclo con más de 50 bicicletas

Room cycle over 50 bikes

Boton  Sala de remo

Remo Room

Boton  Sala de artes marciales.

Martial arts room.

Boton  Piscinas cubiertas y zonas de spa con hidromasaje, jacuzzis, saunas y baños de vapor. Amplios y modernos vestuarios.

Indoor pools and whirlpool spa areas, whirlpools, saunas and steam baths. Spacious and modern costumes.

Boton  Spa


* Observaciones

Horario de 8 de la mañana a 10 de la noche ininterrumpido donde podrás realizar las actividades programadas como las que libremente quieras y sin limites en unas instalaciones de primer nivel.

Uso de gorro, chanclas, candado para la taquilla y toalla para el uso de las instalaciones. No esta permitido andar descalzo o desnudo por las zonas comunes.

Podrás asistir libremente a cuantas actividades quieras, todas impartidas en español

Desarrollamos el programa en acuerdo con nuestros partners para lo cual deberás seguir las prescripciones precisas

Hours 8 am to 10 pm where you uninterrupted support activities as they want, free unlimited in-class facilities.
Using cap, flip flops, lock for locker and towel for use of the facilities. Not allowed to go barefoot or naked public areas.
You can freely attend any activities, anytime, all taught in Spanish
We developed the program in agreement with our partners for which you must follow the precise requirements

Formato extra no incluido en el precio

Format extra not included in the price

Por importes adicionales reducidos también puedes usar *

For additional reduced fees, you can also use

  8 pistas de pádel.

8 paddle

Clínica de Fisioterapia y Fisioestética

Physiotherapy and Fisioestética Clinic

Consultas médicas: Nutrición, podología y medicina general y deportiva

Medical Offices: Nutrition, podiatry and general medicine and sports

* Observaciones

Para realizar las actividades adicionales que incluyen un suplemento en el precio deberás consultar en las propias instalaciones y las reservas que debes hacer a fin de realizar la actividad o la consulta.

Desarrollamos el programa en acuerdo con nuestros partners

For additional activities including a supplemental charge should consult on site and reserves have to do in order to perform the activity or consultation.
We developed the program in agreement with our partners