Design your own and combine learning spanish lenguaje with your interests, likes and hobbies. Immerse yourself in local life from first day, exchanges, visits people, companies, groups and make social life.

We offer

A different way to learn Spanish in Seville

With special training and activities where you can experience a way of learning the language in a fun way while you meet new people and care about your own preferences


We start every Wednesday with new groups, thus giving you the opportunity to find the best rates for flights. During Tuesday must be installed in the host family or apartment.

We have developed more than 100 week activities organized by us or through our partners.

The schedule consists of several possibilities:

-Physical activities: sports or water therapy (SPA)

-Workshops options: flamenco, painting, gastronomy ...

-Language exchange with local people

-Visits and trips

-Private tuition in the host family or apartment (two hours at day)

-Private Guide for your interests and Rp formal or informal learning

Our method

You may wonder what our method and results could give. We have our attention on people who do not want to spend a period learning Spanish in a classic way and therefore we thought of this formula. It consists of a formal and an informal learning and also incorporate a special Spanish for Dummies (do not be offended) because our mission is to have fun and communicate knowing that there are many people wanting to help you learn in an informal way.

Local, Exchange & PR

Estándar incluido en el paquete

Standard included in the package

Es interesante para tu aprendizaje que cultives las relaciones y aprendas a intercambiar tus habilidades con otras personas. Para eso hemos organizado un programa que incluye esta posibilidad y da la oportunidad de socializar con personas locales mientras disfrutas de la gastronomía, rutas por la ciudad, visitas concertadas para ámbitos de tu interés, eventos, etc

En función de la disponibilidad de eventos se concertara una reunión inicial a efectos de poder coincidir en los mismos con el resto del grupo o parte de aquellos que decidan coincidir.

Nuestra organización cuenta con acuerdos de colaboración con entidades no lucrativas y voluntarios. En función de la disponibilidad se podrá adecuar un contexto para acompañar a los eventos o actos que pudieran darse a lo largo de la semana. Previamente se comunicara vía email con el objeto de que puedas organizar tu propia agenda y estar en contacto con las personas interesadas.

Organizamos Intercambios de idiomas y un speed data una vez a la semana

Con el objeto de ganar protagonismo y atención para tu aprendizaje y experiencia en la ciudad haznos saber tus habilidades o la posibilidad de realizar algún intercambio mas además de los que organizamos.

It is interesting to learn that cultivate your relationships and learn to share your skills with others. For that we have organized a program that includes this possibility and the opportunity to socialize with local people while enjoying the cuisine, city tours, arranged visits to areas of interest, events, etc.
Depending on the availability of events to arrange an initial meeting to agree on the purpose of the same with the rest of the group or part of those who choose to match.
Our organization has partnerships with nonprofits and volunteers. Depending on availability you can bring a context to accompany the event or events that could occur throughout the week. Prior to communicate via email in order to be able to organize your own schedule and stay in touch with stakeholders.
We organize language exchanges and speed data once a week
In order to gain prominence and attention to your learning experience in the city and let us know your skills or the ability to make any more besides the exchange we organize.


Contacta con gente “LOCAL” y PR

Contact people "LOCAL" and public relations

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