Design your own and combine learning spanish lenguaje with your interests, likes and hobbies. Immerse yourself in local life from first day, exchanges, visits people, companies, groups and make social life.

We offer

A different way to learn Spanish in Seville

With special training and activities where you can experience a way of learning the language in a fun way while you meet new people and care about your own preferences


We start every Wednesday with new groups, thus giving you the opportunity to find the best rates for flights. During Tuesday must be installed in the host family or apartment.

We have developed more than 100 week activities organized by us or through our partners.

The schedule consists of several possibilities:

-Physical activities: sports or water therapy (SPA)

-Workshops options: flamenco, painting, gastronomy ...

-Language exchange with local people

-Visits and trips

-Private tuition in the host family or apartment (two hours at day)

-Private Guide for your interests and Rp formal or informal learning

Our method

You may wonder what our method and results could give. We have our attention on people who do not want to spend a period learning Spanish in a classic way and therefore we thought of this formula. It consists of a formal and an informal learning and also incorporate a special Spanish for Dummies (do not be offended) because our mission is to have fun and communicate knowing that there are many people wanting to help you learn in an informal way.

Learning Spanish



Nuestro programa pedagógico esta basado en el aprendizaje formal e informal. Prestando atención a ambos contenidos y procurando un análisis de las necesidades formativas, habilidades sociales y experiencias en el contexto adecuado de motivación. Pensamos que al situar a la persona en un programa adecuado es la mejor manera de abonar un camino rápido hacia el aprendizaje. Para eso introducimos componentes que potencian la experiencias de aprender haciendo, socializando o conectando nuestros intereses a nuestros aprendizaje.

En el terreno practico dos horas diarias de conversación y clases formal con la propia familia que aloja al estudiante, unido a un programa extenso de actividades, donde se prima la socialización y el intercambio, dará una intensiva inmersión en el idioma español.

Nuestra organización te introduce desde el primer día en el proceso con una programación intensiva que podrás graduar según la personalización de tu propia agenda. Además ponemos a tu disposición a nuestros “lOCALES” que podrán establecer contactos, organizar visitas o simplemente acompañarte a un programa que previamente haz creado tu mismo. Es una oportunidad de aprender sobre el propio contexto local de tu aprendizaje.

Our educational program is based on formal and informal learning. By paying attention to both content and providing a training needs analysis, social skills and experiences in context of motivation. We believe that by placing the person in a program is the best way to pay a quick path to learning. For that we introduce components that enhance the experience of learning by doing, socializing or connecting our interests to our learning.
In practical two hours of conversation and formal classes the family that hosts the student, together with an extensive program of activities where premium socialization and exchange, give an intensive Spanish language immersion.
Our organization is bringing you from day into the process with an intensive program can graduate as customizing your own agenda. In addition we offer you our "local" may establish contacts, arrange tours or just go with a program that previously've created yourself. It is an opportunity to learn about the local context of your own learning.

Nuestra propuesta inicial esta basada en la propia elección sobre la agenda, el ritmo y el trabajo del que quiere aprender. Una vez adecuado el horario de actividades, la asistencia al Taller Diario de “learn Spanish in a diferent way”, nuestras actividades sociales, visitas…además de nuestras dos horas de clase en familia, si bien a través de nuestro Blog iremos actualizando nuestras propuestas de aprendizaje informal y experiencias.

Our initial proposal is based on the own choice on the agenda, the pace of work and willing to learn. Once proper schedule of activities, attendance at Workshop Journal "learn Spanish in a diferent way", our social activities, visits ... plus our two hour class family but through our blog we will update our proposals and informal learning experiences.